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Waterproof Digital Camera Experience

March 2, 2011 Comments off

Hi all,

This blog intends to share my waterproof digital camera experience. Anyone can share it with me. Let me introduce myself, my name is Peter Waltz.  I am a underwater photographer. I usually use underwater digital camera (DSLR with waterproof housing) that make me can take photos over 100 feet dept in the sea. I am very happy and satisfied with it.

Recently, I had chanced to use waterproof digital camera, Canon PowerShot D10. I was very surprised that it can take photos in the sea without waterproof housing or case. So I use it as second camera and bring it with me everywhere. Although it can use not deep than 33 feet but it enough for general water activities. I think that waterproof camera is perfect for family use.

You can share your experience or pictures with my blog by send it via email. I will post it if I found interested comment.

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